University of the West

UWest Green Committee



Article I              Name & Purpose

Section A         Name

                         The name of the committee shall be the UWest Green Committee.

Section B         Purpose

1.    Recommend and implement actions that promote environmental sustainability.

2.    Enhance communication in the community regarding our environmental efforts and best practices.

3.    Provide a forum for environmental sustainability issues and fostering collaborations from all areas of our community.


Article II           Membership

Section A         Eligibility

                         Membership shall be open to all UWest students, faculty, and staff to represent a wide range of campus experiences. The committee is not to exceed 15 people. In the event that more than 15 people are interested in serving the committee, factors such as attendance, availability, campus representation, and committee service may be taken into account.


Article III         Officers

Section A         Officers & Duties

1.         Chair

a.    Presides over all the meetings.

b.    Sets the agenda and coordinates with the secretary as needed to setup meetings.

c.    In charge of communications with administration.

2.         Vice Chair

a.    Assume the responsibilities of the Chair in his/her absence.

b.    Complete duties and tasks as assigned by the Green Committee or Chair

3.         Secretary

a.    Takes minutes and provides electronic access to them.

b.    Assists chair in meeting logistics.

4.         UWSG Liaison

a.    In charge of direct communication to the student government and handles duties that require the involvement of the UWSG.

Section B         Eligibility

Officers must be a current student, staff, or faculty member of UWest. Students must maintain an above 2.0 GPA during their term.

Section C         Election

The officers shall be elected by committee member votes. In case of vacancy, the chair may appoint an interim committee member to the vacated position.

Section D         Term

The officers shall serve for one academic year and may be re-elected but serve no more than 3 consecutive terms. Total number of terms served is not limited.


Article IV        Meetings

Section A         Schedule

1.    Regular meetings shall be held every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.

2.    Agenda items are to be sent to the Chair the day before the meeting.

3.    Minutes will be kept by the Secretary of the committee.

4.    Special meetings may be called by the Chair of the committee as needed.

5.    All members are expected to attend the regular meetings barring a scheduling conflict. Advance notification should be provided to the chair or an officer of the committee.

Section B         Quorum

                             A quorum shall consist of 50% + 1 members of the committee.

Section C         Voting

Issues brought forth shall be decided by a majority vote of those in attendance and proxy votes of absent members (if any).


Article V           Amendments

Section A         Amendments

                         Bylaws may be amended as necessary by a majority vote.



These bylaws are adopted as of 1/24/2017.